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About CalltoTrack

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We are happy to announce that CalltoTrack is now live. We have launched CalltoTrack with support for Shopify, PrestaShop, CS-Cart, thirty bees, and WooCommerce. We have plans to add more platforms soon, if we do not have your platform listed, drop us a line and let us know which e-commerce platforms you would like to see added.

What does CalltoTrack do?

The easiest way to explain what CalltoTrack does, is to explain the problem it solves. E-commerce sites that have older demographics get calls from their customers wanting order updates. Older demographics might not be as tech-savvy, so they do not check their emails for these updates, they just call.

This is where CalltoTrack comes in. When you sign up, we provision you a phone number that you can use as an extension in your directory tree, for dedicated order updates. When a user presses that extension, they can look their order up by the order number and get the latest updates. If you are on the Professional Plan, a caller does not even have to enter their order number. If they call from the phone number that the order was created with, we automatically look up their order by the phone number. Making it even easier for your customers to find their orders.

What are the order updates?

CalltoTrack provides an interface for you to enter translations for your order statuses. If you have an order status called “Shipped” you can translate to a more friendly spoken status like “Your order has been shipped”. If there is a tracking number attached to the order, CalltoTrack will look up the tracking information with the carrier and speak it to the caller. So your caller will hear something like “Your order is shipped. The order shipped September 9th via USPS and is expected to arrive on September 16th.” What is read depends on what information the carrier gives, some carriers have more detailed tracking information than other carriers, but all supported carriers provide updates.

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The easiest way to describe how CalltoTrack can help your company might be to watch our explainer video on our service.

About the Author: Lesley Paone

Lesley has worked in e-commerce for over a decade, and is the founder of CalltoTrack. Starting out with PrestaShop and branching out into other platforms like Shopify, CS-Cart, Woocommerce and Adobe commerce. He loves all things e-commerce and loves a challenge, in his spare time he helps moderate several forums on SEO, e-commerce, as well as the PrestaShop forum. If you have any questions for him about any of his articles you can reach out to him through our contact form.