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One of the best aspects of CalltoTrack is that it can fit almost any use case for allowing your callers to track their orders. From talking to clients all over the world, we have found different ways that our clients use our software to create a better customer service experience for their customers.

Dedicated Extension

The majority of our clients like to use CalltoTrack with a dedicated extension on their phone system. When customers call the main customer service number, callers are given a list of options, with order tracking being an option. That option forwards the call to their CalltoTrack number and lets users search their orders quickly and easily.

After Hours

Some of our users prefer to have their customer service agents handle calls during the day and set their out of hours phone system to provide a menu option to use CalltoTrack at night. This gives customers that call in the ability to track their orders 24 hours a day, and even on the weekends.


The last major use we see out of CalltoTrack is companies adding the functionality to their hold queue. If you prefer to answer tracking calls, but want to give customers a quick way to check their tracking instead of waiting on hold, this might be the use case you use.

Whatever use case you pick, CalltoTrack can work for your business, creating happier customers, while also decreasing your customer service load. If you are using CalltoTrack in a different use case, let us know, so we can add it in here!



  • Tracking Phone Number
  • Unlimited Tracking Calls
  • Custom Messages
  • 5 Voice Options

$39.99 /month

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  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Everything in Standard
  • Automatic Order Lookup
  • Google Wavnet Voices
  • 35 Voice Options
  • British Voice Options
  • French Canadian Voice Options
  • Australian Voice Options
  • Priority Support

$79.99 /month

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  • Tracking Phone Number
  • Unlimited Tracking Calls
  • Custom Messages
  • 30 Voice Options
  • British Voice Options

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